Visuals can bring to life an audiences imagination and tell a story in a way nothing else can. They can reinvent a song and lead you on a different path to you had imagined - or help you picture the one you had.

At Blured we are able to work with any genre and can deliver anything from a simple classic look to the wildest thing you can imagine. We can work with small budgets starting from £300, so why not give us a call or email? We look forward to working with you!

Graphic Design

Graphics are statements. Single images or a collection of them used in order to represent an entire song, album, company, brand whatever it may be. At Blured we know how important that is. Our creative team will design & deliver a piece unique to your project. We can with with budgets starting from £50, so feel free to give us an email, we look forward to helping you create something special!