The Creative


Blured has quickly established itself as a respected platform for the creative industry. Many creatives forget about their audience and concentrate on production, whereas others seek to increase their audience solely for the sake of profit.

We on the other hand have developed our reputation primarily through our status as a hub for creativity. It is this approach that has cultivated the unique Blured image.

The intimate style of our events is a testimony of our unique approach, allowing the audience to interact with artists in a way rarely achieved. At Blured we believe it's important to acknowledge we are all part of one creative industry; be it as an artist or enthusiast.

Blured is looking forward to the much anticipated launch of AVEX19 this year. This project offers artists an opportunity to work side by side with experienced and respected industry professionals over a 6 month period. This opportunity allows artists to explore all aspects of their creativity without financial constraints.

Our aim is to continue to grow, provide more opportunities and increase our network which will allow us to aid up and coming artist in solidifying their place in the music industry. We hope to do this by providing a unique experience as well as a hub for the arts, which will be beneficial to us as part of the Creative Industry.

CEO James Butler